The Foundation has been created to help continue education in the world of Sugar art in Honor of Nicholas Lodge.

Chef Nicholas Lodge was a pastry chef, master cake artist, author, instructor, and globally renowned judge.  He was the co-owner of the Atlanta-based international sugar art collection, a school teaching all levels of cake decorating and sugar art. Chef Nicholas was best known for his botanically correct gum paste flowers. At the age of sixteen Nicholas enrolled in the National Bakery School in London. He worked at a bakery and a flower shop each weekend where he dissected flowers and compiled detailed notes together with templates to exactly re-create these flowers using gum paste.

Beginning in 2023 Scholarships will be awarded throughout the year to help recipients continue their education through such offerings such as, but not limited to: Class Fees, Supplies and Educational guidance.

Please give generously in support of continuing the legacy that Nicholas has built for all of us to now share with others.

Donations can be made directly to the Foundation by clicking the following link.

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